Things to do at Christmas

Things to do at Christmas

It’s been a bit of a strange 2020, hasn’t it? We’re all in need of some festive cheer and things to do at Christmas to get us into the holiday spirit! Here’s our super seven things to do at Christmas this year.

Things to do at Christmas – make your own food and drink

Make Christmas extra special by trying your hand at making some festive food and drink. We’ve curated loads of ideas and recipes on our Christmas 2020 Pinterest board. From Easy Christmas Punch to a full-blown Christmas tree cake, there’s a recipe for all skill levels.

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Things to do at Christmas – Christmas jumpers

Gather the family around for some cosy crafting sessions or challenge friends to a homemade Christmas gift contest! Kick back and have some fun making anything from Christmas jumpers to macrame plant holders.

For younger crafters, why not re-discover old Christmas baubles and give them a fresh lick of paint together? Kids love giving anything a splash of colour; when finished, let them hang them in pride of place on the tree.

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Things to do at Christmas – organise a scavenger hunt

Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt, and it’s easy and cheap to organise one at home, you just need pens and paper.

Prep for your hunt by drawing tick boxes on each piece of paper (one piece of paper for each player), then write the items to find next to the tick boxes. Players tick off each item as they find it and the first to tick off the whole list, wins.

If you’re stuck for ideas for your scavenger hunt, pick one from our list below, then have fun with it!


1. Indoor scavenger hunt – find something made of wood, find a blue slipper, etc
2. Colourful scavenger hunt – find something grey, blue, red, etc
3. Arty scavenger hunt – players must draw what they see rather than tick it off
4. Insect/nature scavenger hunt – find a beetle, spot a bird, find a home that a hedgehog would love etc
5. Winter walk scavenger hunt – find a feather, spot a pinecone, etc


Things to do at Christmas – decorate the tree

Perhaps the most enjoyable Christmas tradition is to decorate the tree. Everyone remembers putting baubles around the tree as a child, and it’s still enjoyed by millions of homes every year. Why not jazz up your Christmas tree with a velvet Christmas tree skirt?  PS it also helps to hide unsightly tree stands!

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Things to do at Christmas – feed the birds

What’s the next best thing to eating Christmas dinner? Watching your feathered friends tucking into a good meal as well.

Food is harder for birds to come by in winter, and The RSPB recommend the following ‘scraps’ you can safely leave out for the birds in your garden:


– Fat from cuts of meat (unsalted, no fat from turkey roasting tins)
– Roast potatoes (cold and opened up)
– Veggies (cold)
– Cheese (avoid string or blue varieties)
– Cake & biscuits (stale, crumbs, they love it all!)


If you need a bird feeder, take a look at our selection – our favourite is this cast iron bird hook, which has been handcrafted and can also be used for hanging baskets in the spring.

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Things to do at Christmas – get a letter from Santa

Father Christmas is getting his sleigh ready for his long journey on Christmas Eve. In the meantime, his favourite hobby is to write back to the many children who write to him during the festive season.

Head over to before 11th December to find out how to write to Santa and receive a free reply!

Things to do at Christmas – wear woolly socks

Christmas is officially the season for donning woolly socks and cosying up by the fire or in front of Netflix.

Grab a pair of snowflake socks to keep those tootsies warm, or add a personal touch and make your own like these chunky knitted winter socks.

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